Pre-Med student experience with Modafinil

Please note that I’ve found modafinil to be an incredibly positive change in my life In this regard, I may be overly biased in favour of modafinil.

I started taking modafinil on and off starting in my 4th year of university. I’ve lost my girlfriend to cancer, my grades were plummeting and my depression hit a point where I wasn’t even going to many of my classes. As a pre-med student, I was about to throw away my dreams. I always hated going to the doctor, so I did my own research (pharmacy specialization by the way) and found the miracle drug ‘modafinil’.
Before I talk about the effects on me, please note I weigh 190lb, athletic, 6’0. I took 200g on the days I needed a boost, 100mg after waking and 100mg in the afternoon with no other boosts such as coffee. I’ve ordered from modup and it took 1 weeks to get to Skypax, then 2 weeks to get to my country.

The very first benefits I noticed were my energy and motivation levels as well as my productivity. All of a sudden, a swim after gym didn’t seem like a sweat. Getting my affairs sorted for med school next year was a priority. Stuff got done before I fucked around. Procrastination was kept to a minimum, time-wasting was eliminated. Nothing to do? I made something happen. I have been motivated as hell to get my life on track and beyond. All of a sudden, everything is a goal, not an obstacle. Confidence and self-esteem hit me out of the blue.

There were ups and downs, and still are, but for the most part, being confident, self-assured, and feeling like a high-self-esteem person has been my state on modafinil for a while now. I started having these uncanny conversational skills about a week into my modafinil use. All of a sudden, making jokes and puns was as natural as breathing. Eye-contact was solid, with men and women, especially women. People have commented on me being a good conversationalist. The withdrawals were mostly laziness and depression, (my usual states when I am not on modafinil, but amplified). I took moda 5 days in a row for a hard week, and the following weekend was spent mostly sleeping, eating or watching Netflix.

The biggest benefits for me were that social anxiety was gone. Whatever was on my mind, I would say it, and social vibes improve tremendously. For the studying, I was able to study more due to the euphoric effects, and more efficient because I was more motivated to learn. Note: When I took modafinil, I stopped drinking coffee, I don’t drink alcohol, take no SSRI/MAO-I’s, etc. The only other substances I took on top of modafinil were multi vitamins and omega 3’s, which are non-interactive neutraceuticals I’ve been taking my whole life.

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