Improving performance with Armodafinil

As a student in a competitive post-graduate physiotherapy program. There is constant stream of work and I have never had this much demand academically. I originally heard of modafinil from a blog I frequented but never gave it a thought. As I needed a way to cope with this amount of work I decided to give modafinil a try from or more specifically armodafinil. I wanted to get the best quality modafinil (which I researched beforehand) so I went ahead and purchased 150mg armodafinil.

I started out at a half-dose of 75mg and immediately saw benefits that I had not expected. I am an avid gym goer with 4 years of bodybuilding experience. At the time, I was dieting down and it is expected to have poor performance in the gym with strength either maintaining or worst decreasing. Well my performance in the gym improved with an increase in intensity of 1 rep each lift.

On top of this, I felt a decrease in appetite which definitely benefited me dieting down as hormones can often wreck a diet as dieters tend to crave more as they reach lower and lower levels of body fat. While I enjoyed the benefits in the gym. I had simply not received the benefits of focus I wanted. Once I bumped dosage up to regular 150mg with 200mg caffeine the benefits I originally sought were unleashed and additional benefits I had not expected. My first dosage under this protocol I received a peaceful clarity.

A clean type of focus that I have only felt for like 5 minutes after a long session of meditation. This was felt for roughly 8 hours. I feel even more important to this is reduced impulsiveness. When I come home from a 9-5 day at school, I am expected to perform self-directed study for an additional 2-4 hours and work on my course work which is a research paper assigned to me at the beginning of the semester. Sitting at my computer for pretty much the rest of the night I am often bouncing around webpages which includes useless entertainment-based websites that do not serve my purpose. When I am on Armodafinil, I have to force myself to leave my current topic of focus.

There just is not that need to go to reddit, cnn, stand up and walk around, or any sort of creative procrastination technique. This is the focus that I derive from armodafinil While the focus was nice, the next unexpected benefit was definitely a nice bonus. As a student, I must have a social life lest I become a cave-dweller and ultimately create unhappiness within myself. So I like to go out on the weekends and drink at bars. Even with a proper hang-over prevention of water and vitamins, the next day would always end up in being unproductive. Fortunately, armodafinil allows me to have productive days on the weekends now because when taking it first thing in the morning, I feel an immediate shift in attention. It does not bring me up to the level that taking armodafinil without drinking the night before would, but it does allow me perform at a normal level.

It is largely for this benefit that I continue to take armodafinil regularly on the weekend and I have definitely seen an increase in work being completed and a more active social life. Because there would be times where I would sacrifice a weekend out to get work done. Now I am able to accomplish both. Fortunately, I have only had to use armodafinil for its’ anti-fatigue properties once, which was the day before my course work was due. It definitely allowed me to stay focused throughout the night without even needing to go to sleep.

I feel I could have gone to sleep if I chose to, but that it was in my power. Thankfully armodafinil allows me to be productive enough during the day that I don’t need to pull all-nighters. Ultimately, armodafinil has allowed me to balance my life better while being in an intensive Masters program and even improving some aspects as it allows me to live a social life while facilitating a productive weekend, improved performance in the gym and craving control, and reduced impulsiveness that conveys marked clarity that makes work sessions more productive.

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