How I found Modafinil

Modafinil was introduce to me by my roommate. He described it to me as this magical supplement that gives all the advantages of coffee and Adderall combine without any jitters. I drink a lot of coffee like any other engineer. I have tried Adderall in past back at school but, did not like it that much. Once I start my working life around 2PM I would get really tired and my productivity would scale down by factors. Then one day my roommate and me where discussing this phenomenon and then he mentioned about Modafinil that he used to take back in college for all nighters. I looked up the drug and did some research on it, it sounded like something that will help me and solve my problem.

I have been using Modafinil for about 3 months now and loving every bit of it. I usually take a 100mg dose 2-3 times a week, some special occasions I take a 200mg dose. I like taking a 100mg dose because it does not last that long and I can come back home to a good night sleep after a productive day. I usually take Modafinil on Monday and Thursdays because those are my busiest days. I have had days when I sleep late and have early morning meeting and then play basketball in afternoon and then still function in afternoon. I have Modafinil and my roommate to that for it. On some special day when I am going out on a weekend for a bachelors party or some hiking trip where I need to be up and need to have focus and energy got more than 15hrs I will take a 200mg dose and sail through the day.

Since I started the use of Modafinil I have nothing but good things to say about it and have got many friends and family try it and they all have loved it. The only thing that I am unsure about is the long term aside effects. Being a rather new drug I am afraid of the lon term side effect of Modafinil. Personally I have not experienced any short term side effects. I an not addicted to Modfinil in any form physical or mental. But going forward I am would really like to know the long term effects because I plan of taking Modafinil till I can. I think the correct test for Modafinil will be once I am a father and have to take care of baby.

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