Four Months on Modafinil

I started using Modafinil about four months ago. I ordered from and received my 80 pills (200mg) about 3 weeks later. I work as an office manager for a small bottled water company, and have found Modafinil to be extremely effective for me on a day to day basis. I usually take one 200mg pill right when I wake up (work days only).

I always work out after taking Modafinil, almost always in the morning about 30 minutes after taking it. The amount of energy I have during workouts with Modafinil far surpasses anything else I have tried (energy bars, protein shakes, etc;). I used to be able to bench about 150, never really getting past 160.

Since using Modafinil I can easily bench 190 and sometimes even 200. This is pretty incredible, seeing as I weigh only 175. After my workout, I shower and eat. I usually eat a TON of food after working out, but on Modafinil I eat about half as much as I normally would. This is good, but also bad. It definitely isn’t great if you are trying to bulk up, but as for keeping your current weight or losing weight it is definitely a plus, seeing as you are never hungry for seconds. At work, I usually get through about 15-20 emails a day that are urgent for me to reply to and/or call someone to see what the problem is. On Modafinil, I easily can get through 30 before lunch.

As far as organization goes, my desk hasn’t gotten messy since starting Modafinil, whereas it used to have to be cleaned and sorted through once a month. My employees all have noticed a difference too, because I have gotten numerous compliments about noticing things I didn’t notice before, and caring for the smaller details (something I have never been good at). Things are so much clearer since being on Modafinil. Details don’t escape, and I don’t stress out over overwhelming tasks like I used to.

I have read about people taking multiple doses through the day, but my 200mg in the morning is all I need. I usually leave work around 7:30pm, and get home by 8. Since I work rather late, I used to just eat microwavable meals, or go out to dinner. On Modafinil I usually cook, which is something I always wanted to get better at but always was too tired after a long day to do. I have been trying out new recipes online and feel as though my skills are increasing every day.

Added bonus is my bank account is increasing as well. Overall I am happy to say that I find this drug to be a completely effective for me, and my life has really started to improve in all areas since taking it. I plan on taking it as long as it’s available, and I have been more than pleased with and the easy experience they provide for their customers!

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