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Improving performance with Armodafinil

As a student in a competitive post-graduate physiotherapy program. There is constant stream of work and I have never had this much demand academically. I originally heard of modafinil from a blog I frequented but never gave it a thought. As I needed a way to cope with this amount of work I decided to give modafinil a try from or more specifically armodafinil. I wanted to get the best quality modafinil (which I researched beforehand) so I went ahead and purchased 150mg armodafinil.

I started out at a half-dose of 75mg and immediately saw benefits that I had not expected. I am an avid gym goer with 4 years of bodybuilding experience. At the time, I was dieting down and it is expected to have poor performance in the gym with strength either maintaining or worst decreasing. Well my performance in the gym improved with an increase in intensity of 1 rep each lift.

On top of this, I felt a decrease in appetite which definitely benefited me dieting down as hormones can often wreck a diet as dieters tend to crave more as they reach lower and lower levels of body fat. While I enjoyed the benefits in the gym. I had simply not received the benefits of focus I wanted. Once I bumped dosage up to regular 150mg with 200mg caffeine the benefits I originally sought were unleashed and additional benefits I had not expected. My first dosage under this protocol I received a peaceful clarity.

A clean type of focus that I have only felt for like 5 minutes after a long session of meditation. This was felt for roughly 8 hours. I feel even more important to this is reduced impulsiveness. When I come home from a 9-5 day at school, I am expected to perform self-directed study for an additional 2-4 hours and work on my course work which is a research paper assigned to me at the beginning of the semester. Sitting at my computer for pretty much the rest of the night I am often bouncing around webpages which includes useless entertainment-based websites that do not serve my purpose. When I am on Armodafinil, I have to force myself to leave my current topic of focus.

There just is not that need to go to reddit, cnn, stand up and walk around, or any sort of creative procrastination technique. This is the focus that I derive from armodafinil While the focus was nice, the next unexpected benefit was definitely a nice bonus. As a student, I must have a social life lest I become a cave-dweller and ultimately create unhappiness within myself. So I like to go out on the weekends and drink at bars. Even with a proper hang-over prevention of water and vitamins, the next day would always end up in being unproductive. Fortunately, armodafinil allows me to have productive days on the weekends now because when taking it first thing in the morning, I feel an immediate shift in attention. It does not bring me up to the level that taking armodafinil without drinking the night before would, but it does allow me perform at a normal level.

It is largely for this benefit that I continue to take armodafinil regularly on the weekend and I have definitely seen an increase in work being completed and a more active social life. Because there would be times where I would sacrifice a weekend out to get work done. Now I am able to accomplish both. Fortunately, I have only had to use armodafinil for its’ anti-fatigue properties once, which was the day before my course work was due. It definitely allowed me to stay focused throughout the night without even needing to go to sleep.

I feel I could have gone to sleep if I chose to, but that it was in my power. Thankfully armodafinil allows me to be productive enough during the day that I don’t need to pull all-nighters. Ultimately, armodafinil has allowed me to balance my life better while being in an intensive Masters program and even improving some aspects as it allows me to live a social life while facilitating a productive weekend, improved performance in the gym and craving control, and reduced impulsiveness that conveys marked clarity that makes work sessions more productive.

Defeating Procrastination with Modafinil

I was working full time at a day job and on my projects at night hoping to release something great. One thing was holding me off my dreams: procrastination. I always had motivation to work on my projects, but when the time was coming, I found myself always finding something else to do. Play a video game, surf on the Internet.. You know the drill.

A year ago I heard of Provigil for the first time. People were saying that it increased their focus and the energy level so I decided to give it a go. I ordered a pack of 60 pills and waited a few days. Once my order arrived, I immediately took one and decided that tonight, I would be working on my stuff.

The day went well, I noticed that I seamed to be very focused but I didn’t associated it with Modafinil. When the evening came, I opened my computer and started working on my project. Without even realizing, I was writing a ton of code and I didn’t had any distraction that made me procrastinate. I was in a kind of ultra focus mode and I was loving it. I kept coding until 1 am and went to bed.

The next morning, I felt great. I had a good night of sleep and I was stoke that I could focus on my project. Unlike caffeine, taking Modafinil early in the morning gave me energy for the whole day and it didn’t broke my sleep. I was in love.

Since then, I’ve been taking Modafinil every day and my project is almost ready to ship. It’s incredible how Modafinil helped me get through procrastination. I am not happier then ever and can’t wait to get my product out there!

Four Months on Modafinil

I started using Modafinil about four months ago. I ordered from and received my 80 pills (200mg) about 3 weeks later. I work as an office manager for a small bottled water company, and have found Modafinil to be extremely effective for me on a day to day basis. I usually take one 200mg pill right when I wake up (work days only).

I always work out after taking Modafinil, almost always in the morning about 30 minutes after taking it. The amount of energy I have during workouts with Modafinil far surpasses anything else I have tried (energy bars, protein shakes, etc;). I used to be able to bench about 150, never really getting past 160.

Since using Modafinil I can easily bench 190 and sometimes even 200. This is pretty incredible, seeing as I weigh only 175. After my workout, I shower and eat. I usually eat a TON of food after working out, but on Modafinil I eat about half as much as I normally would. This is good, but also bad. It definitely isn’t great if you are trying to bulk up, but as for keeping your current weight or losing weight it is definitely a plus, seeing as you are never hungry for seconds. At work, I usually get through about 15-20 emails a day that are urgent for me to reply to and/or call someone to see what the problem is. On Modafinil, I easily can get through 30 before lunch.

As far as organization goes, my desk hasn’t gotten messy since starting Modafinil, whereas it used to have to be cleaned and sorted through once a month. My employees all have noticed a difference too, because I have gotten numerous compliments about noticing things I didn’t notice before, and caring for the smaller details (something I have never been good at). Things are so much clearer since being on Modafinil. Details don’t escape, and I don’t stress out over overwhelming tasks like I used to.

I have read about people taking multiple doses through the day, but my 200mg in the morning is all I need. I usually leave work around 7:30pm, and get home by 8. Since I work rather late, I used to just eat microwavable meals, or go out to dinner. On Modafinil I usually cook, which is something I always wanted to get better at but always was too tired after a long day to do. I have been trying out new recipes online and feel as though my skills are increasing every day.

Added bonus is my bank account is increasing as well. Overall I am happy to say that I find this drug to be a completely effective for me, and my life has really started to improve in all areas since taking it. I plan on taking it as long as it’s available, and I have been more than pleased with and the easy experience they provide for their customers!

Idiopathic Hypersomnia and Modafinil

I have been diagnosed with and suffering from Idiopathic Hypersomnia for the last six years. When the symptoms first started, I was working in a high stress position at a law firm. Thinking I was just burnt out, I found a position at a smaller firm where I didn’t have to work so many hours, but despite this, my symptoms got worse. I tried everything; I changed my diet, started exercising, took vitamins, attempted to regulate my sleep cycle. My doctor didn’t seem too interested in what I was telling him and just wrote me a script for amphetamines.

They worked at first, but then I found that I had to keep increasing the dosage. The days I didn’t take them was hell, so I stopped getting my script filled and decided to just try and fight through the exhaustion. Waking up in the morning was a constant struggle because I frequently slept through my alarm. Because of this, being late to work became a problem. Human Resources even laughed at me when I tried to explain the issue, stated that being too tired wasn’t an excuse to be late to work.

After months of warnings, I lost my job. I found another job, the hardest part of which was staying awake throughout the day. I slept every chance I got, twelve hours a night, a nap in my car during lunch and a nap when I got home from work. Everything I did revolved around being constantly exhausted and getting the chance to sleep. Anxiety and depression set in, making everything worse. I felt like a prisoner and didn’t know what to do to change it. One day, I was reading about sleep disorders and treatments and came across information about the drug, Modafinil. It seemed too good to be true, no crash, no dependence, lasts all day…HOW DO I GET THIS MIRACLE DRUG? My doctor had never heard of it so after a ton of research, I found I decided to go for it and order.

After waiting the LONGEST two weeks of my life, the answer to my problem arrived. I took a pill right away and waited for its effect. After about an hour, the fuzziness that enveloped my brain started to dissipate. I seriously cried. The tiredness and fog that had taken over my life, lifted. I had some work to do and was excited to sit down at my desk to get started. Four glorious hours I spent actually working without nodding off, without having to get up and walk around because keeping my eyes open was impossible. I could now work to my full potential again.

The way Modafinil feels is very clean, no speedy feeling, just awake. Since I take it for a sleeping disorder, I wouldn’t be able to get through the day, let alone work without it. There’s no withdrawal like there is with Adderall, and I wake up in the morning (with my alarm) ready to start the day. The best part is that I was able to stop taking anxiety medication, my performance at work improved and I was promoted to a higher paying position. After suffering for six years, I’m extremely thankful that I now have control of my life again. Thanks for reading.

How I found Modafinil

Modafinil was introduce to me by my roommate. He described it to me as this magical supplement that gives all the advantages of coffee and Adderall combine without any jitters. I drink a lot of coffee like any other engineer. I have tried Adderall in past back at school but, did not like it that much. Once I start my working life around 2PM I would get really tired and my productivity would scale down by factors. Then one day my roommate and me where discussing this phenomenon and then he mentioned about Modafinil that he used to take back in college for all nighters. I looked up the drug and did some research on it, it sounded like something that will help me and solve my problem.

I have been using Modafinil for about 3 months now and loving every bit of it. I usually take a 100mg dose 2-3 times a week, some special occasions I take a 200mg dose. I like taking a 100mg dose because it does not last that long and I can come back home to a good night sleep after a productive day. I usually take Modafinil on Monday and Thursdays because those are my busiest days. I have had days when I sleep late and have early morning meeting and then play basketball in afternoon and then still function in afternoon. I have Modafinil and my roommate to that for it. On some special day when I am going out on a weekend for a bachelors party or some hiking trip where I need to be up and need to have focus and energy got more than 15hrs I will take a 200mg dose and sail through the day.

Since I started the use of Modafinil I have nothing but good things to say about it and have got many friends and family try it and they all have loved it. The only thing that I am unsure about is the long term aside effects. Being a rather new drug I am afraid of the lon term side effect of Modafinil. Personally I have not experienced any short term side effects. I an not addicted to Modfinil in any form physical or mental. But going forward I am would really like to know the long term effects because I plan of taking Modafinil till I can. I think the correct test for Modafinil will be once I am a father and have to take care of baby.

ADHD sufferer experience with Modafinil

I have been taking Modafinil, on a Monday through Friday basis for about three months. I am around 40 years old, clinically diagnosed with ADHD, and self diagnosed as lazy.

It has changed my life for the better. I have a severe lack of motivation and I have been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m not sure how hyperactive I am, but I do have difficulty concentrating. I can work really hard at the last minute when a task NEEDS to get completed, or in an environment where there are a lot of people around working toward a common goal. I also like to do things around the house, and work on projects, but I find it difficult to get things started.

My current job leaves me a lot of time to schedule my own priorities and in general slack off. This is wonderful for the most part, because I love my job. I just get tired of constantly leaving everything to the last minute, and adding unnecessary stress to my life, as I worry about whether or not I will actually get things done on time. I also get tired of spending an entire weekend reading my phone, wasting time, and worrying about how much stuff I need to do on Monday, because I have put everything off. I was tired of just waiting for things to happen, rather than making them happen.

I read about Modafinil, and I figured I would give it a try.

It is wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have to fix my own issues. I can certainly take Modafinil, and sit around all day, reading my phone, or playing video games. With Modafinil, however, I find it 10 times easier to get up and get started on a project, and 10 times harder to stop working, once I am started. It has given me energy and an enthusiasm for productivity that I haven’t had since I was a teenager 20 years ago.

I would say that it could all be a placebo, but people around me have noticed at work and in my personal life. At work I have gotten comments from peers and others above me that I am really productive, and they are surprised at what I can accomplish. I was nominated for employee of the month at least twice by two separate people since I started taking Modafinil.

In my personal life, I was told that I have been really productive lately, and I have finished quite a few DIY tasks that I never thought I would actually get around to starting, much less completing. I also finally started a diet and lost 20 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I never seemed to be able to get started before Modafinil.

I know this sounds over the top, and not everyone will get the same results, but I can look at my life, and point out concrete examples of Modafinil’s help in my life, and I know that I just feel better. More motivated, energetic, and better. I have always been better at planning than acting, and Modafinil allows me to combine my planning for the future with my actions in the now.

An Investment Bankers Modafinil usage

I work in an extremely cognitive-intense job, investment banking (private equity). This isn’t about being able to do fast calculations or attacking the problem the fastest. It’s about being able to give off a great impression to the client, showing them what they have to gain, and why they should take it.

The job requires me not only to be smart (quick thinking) but also be enthused about my proposal, to be personable with the client because they don’t want a computer, they want a human. What modafinil does is keep you alert for any hints a client might drop about their experience, modafinil also allows you to be flexible and able to quickly change your proposal to meet your client’s needs. But this is rather a result of modafinil and not actually what it did for me when I was desperate.

It was my first year in college, I couldn’t believe that I was a freshman at an incredibly prestigious university despite my average accomplishments. I wasn’t anything special, I had no idea why I was even admitted. Well by the time midterms came up, I noticed that I was very well behind and could not handle the workload my professors were putting on me. For those next two weeks, I took methylphenidate (Ritalin) and studied my ass off for those midterm exams.

I spent entire nights sleepless burning the midnight candle at both ends. I ended up doing average on my midterms though I was definitely happy I didn’t fail. But then I thought, if I was able to use Ritalin to do that, then it would be a great aide for regular schoolwork not just midterm exams. And so I did. I used Ritalin for about three weeks of the following month then I quit. I quit Ritalin because it made me grouchy, it made me irritable, it made me angry, it made me antisocial, I hated Ritalin. Even the ‘good’ stuff was bad, for tests, Ritalin made me too focused that I would lose track of time, Ritalin gave me tunnel vision so bad I wasn’t able to think outside the box.

One of my friends then talked to me about modafinil. Modafinil worked! It was much safer than Ritalin, it was less intense in feeling, I wasn’t ‘amped up’, and it was a subtle yet effective answer. I was pro-social, I wasn’t irritable, and I was even able to found my own school club (later it became one of the most productive clubs on campus). It was all the benefits of a cognitive enhancer without the downsides! I could even sleep on it, it didn’t cause insomnia or any sleep problems. And so it helped me get through college happily and then helped me navigate my demanding job afterwards.

I wouldn’t necessarily label it a cognitive enhancer as much as I would label it a happiness-unlocking ‘enhancer’, if that makes sense. It allows you to do what you want to do.

Pre-Med student experience with Modafinil

Please note that I’ve found modafinil to be an incredibly positive change in my life In this regard, I may be overly biased in favour of modafinil.

I started taking modafinil on and off starting in my 4th year of university. I’ve lost my girlfriend to cancer, my grades were plummeting and my depression hit a point where I wasn’t even going to many of my classes. As a pre-med student, I was about to throw away my dreams. I always hated going to the doctor, so I did my own research (pharmacy specialization by the way) and found the miracle drug ‘modafinil’.
Before I talk about the effects on me, please note I weigh 190lb, athletic, 6’0. I took 200g on the days I needed a boost, 100mg after waking and 100mg in the afternoon with no other boosts such as coffee. I’ve ordered from modup and it took 1 weeks to get to Skypax, then 2 weeks to get to my country.

The very first benefits I noticed were my energy and motivation levels as well as my productivity. All of a sudden, a swim after gym didn’t seem like a sweat. Getting my affairs sorted for med school next year was a priority. Stuff got done before I fucked around. Procrastination was kept to a minimum, time-wasting was eliminated. Nothing to do? I made something happen. I have been motivated as hell to get my life on track and beyond. All of a sudden, everything is a goal, not an obstacle. Confidence and self-esteem hit me out of the blue.

There were ups and downs, and still are, but for the most part, being confident, self-assured, and feeling like a high-self-esteem person has been my state on modafinil for a while now. I started having these uncanny conversational skills about a week into my modafinil use. All of a sudden, making jokes and puns was as natural as breathing. Eye-contact was solid, with men and women, especially women. People have commented on me being a good conversationalist. The withdrawals were mostly laziness and depression, (my usual states when I am not on modafinil, but amplified). I took moda 5 days in a row for a hard week, and the following weekend was spent mostly sleeping, eating or watching Netflix.

The biggest benefits for me were that social anxiety was gone. Whatever was on my mind, I would say it, and social vibes improve tremendously. For the studying, I was able to study more due to the euphoric effects, and more efficient because I was more motivated to learn. Note: When I took modafinil, I stopped drinking coffee, I don’t drink alcohol, take no SSRI/MAO-I’s, etc. The only other substances I took on top of modafinil were multi vitamins and omega 3’s, which are non-interactive neutraceuticals I’ve been taking my whole life.