ADHD sufferer experience with Modafinil

I have been taking Modafinil, on a Monday through Friday basis for about three months. I am around 40 years old, clinically diagnosed with ADHD, and self diagnosed as lazy.

It has changed my life for the better. I have a severe lack of motivation and I have been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m not sure how hyperactive I am, but I do have difficulty concentrating. I can work really hard at the last minute when a task NEEDS to get completed, or in an environment where there are a lot of people around working toward a common goal. I also like to do things around the house, and work on projects, but I find it difficult to get things started.

My current job leaves me a lot of time to schedule my own priorities and in general slack off. This is wonderful for the most part, because I love my job. I just get tired of constantly leaving everything to the last minute, and adding unnecessary stress to my life, as I worry about whether or not I will actually get things done on time. I also get tired of spending an entire weekend reading my phone, wasting time, and worrying about how much stuff I need to do on Monday, because I have put everything off. I was tired of just waiting for things to happen, rather than making them happen.

I read about Modafinil, and I figured I would give it a try.

It is wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have to fix my own issues. I can certainly take Modafinil, and sit around all day, reading my phone, or playing video games. With Modafinil, however, I find it 10 times easier to get up and get started on a project, and 10 times harder to stop working, once I am started. It has given me energy and an enthusiasm for productivity that I haven’t had since I was a teenager 20 years ago.

I would say that it could all be a placebo, but people around me have noticed at work and in my personal life. At work I have gotten comments from peers and others above me that I am really productive, and they are surprised at what I can accomplish. I was nominated for employee of the month at least twice by two separate people since I started taking Modafinil.

In my personal life, I was told that I have been really productive lately, and I have finished quite a few DIY tasks that I never thought I would actually get around to starting, much less completing. I also finally started a diet and lost 20 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I never seemed to be able to get started before Modafinil.

I know this sounds over the top, and not everyone will get the same results, but I can look at my life, and point out concrete examples of Modafinil’s help in my life, and I know that I just feel better. More motivated, energetic, and better. I have always been better at planning than acting, and Modafinil allows me to combine my planning for the future with my actions in the now.

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